Voter Turnout

Biggest and Lowest Election Turnouts in New Mexico Counties

3 Counties with the biggest and lowest turnouts. How did your county do? See the percentage and number of eligible voters who voted in the 2018 fall election Quickly, off the top of your head, guess which county the had highest percentage of eligible voters who voted. Does the answer surprise you? Do any of the top three surprise you? Los Alamos had a very high turnout rate of 72%, but two thirds of each of the three counties’ eligible voters cast ballots in this election.


As has been pointed out by many sources, this is a high turnout for a midterm or non-presidential year election. Looking at the three counties with the largest number of votes cast, they accounted for 368,500 of the 698,976 total votes (52.71%) cast in New Mexico.

How did your county do? To see all the counties election results, including the number of persons eligible to vote, goto:
The total number of votes cast in the 2018 election in New Mexico was 698,976 of 1,261,639 eligible voters.

The final review by the New Mexico Secretary of State and the certification of the election results will be released on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Any changes will also be reflected on the NM SOS website. After reviewing these results and looking at the results for your own county, do you have any suggestions for how turnout might be boosted in your county for the next major election in 2020?

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