Restoration of Felons Right to Vote, HB 57 Advances

mistakes of youth are changing into adult responsibilities

HB 57, is the bill which restores felons right to vote once they have completed sentencing and are no longer incarcerated. The bill has been moving more quickly but still has a way to go. The current bill does not apply to felons still in prison. The current hurdle is to get passed by a vote of the NM House.  If that occurs, consideration will move to the Senate side of the legislature.

Fourteen other states have already passed similar legislation and currently 8 other states are also working on legislation like New Mexico’s HB 57. If passed an estimated 17,000 additional persons would become eligible to vote in New Mexico. For a good resource for following up on our brief summary of HB 57 go here ->
The piece is by analyst and advocate, Amani Sawari, a national leader of “Right 2 Vote.”

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