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**UPDATE** We now have a number of county flyers with Early Voting information including dates, times and locations. Scroll down to find the list of counties that we currently have.

Certified Voter Registration Agents (VRAs) are getting new tools from the Secretary of State (SOS) and County Clerks.

Suggestions from VRAs like you in the 2015 VRA study struck a chord and led to improvements that impact what we, as VRAs, do. A recent upsurge in interest in voter registration among the unregistered means our role is more important than ever.

Fortunately new tools are just a click away.

  • Get the Secretary of State’s training manual online to read at home – as always, it’s FREE!
    Go Here for your copy: Download Manual
  • Get refreshed at your County Clerk’s office. Download our PDF list to find  your County Clerk: Download List

If you need to find your unique VRA number, then proceed to the link below. There you can enter in your first and last name to pull up your VRA information.
VRA Portal

If you should need a copy of your VRA Training Certificate, use either of the two methods below:

  • Call the Secretary of State’s Office at 505-827-3600; or call Toll Free at 1-800-477-3632.
  • Request a copy of your VRA certificate by emailing sos.elections@state.nm.us

You must get your new forms directly from your County Clerk.

If you haven’t registered anyone in some time, it is possible that your forms are out of date.

Please download our PDF list to find your county clerk. Download List

Much More Coming Soon!

We have many resources, tutorials, and information coming down the line. We will be offering you the tools you need to be as effective as possible as a VRA.


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