NM Voter Group

Calling All Volunteers: We Are Asking for Your Input.

From the beginning, NM Voter Group has been committed to encouraging the building of community among VRAs. We strive to do this through engaging information, educational materials, and support for you as you register voters in and around your local area. We are now asking for your input.

Above you will find a link to a brief survey. We would love to hear your thoughts on ways you may be willing to participate in voter registration in your local community. Additionally, NM Voter Group is looking for volunteer assistance in a number of interesting areas within our organization. If you are interested in volunteering with our group, you can let us know in the second part of the survey. There is no pressure, and even if you are not interested in taking part in any of the activities, please take a moment to take the survey anyway. It will help us to get a better understanding of where there is interest (or not) in various activities around the state.

Thank you again for taking the time to help us better understand the ways in which we can help facilitate the growth of VRAs around New Mexico.

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